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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click the blue names below for class blogs.

2016-2017 Fred C. Cook Staff 

Name Position Contact
Mrs. M. TemmerPrincipal
Mrs. K. MaxwellVice Principal
Mrs. P. ConceicaoSecretary
Mrs. R. FindlaySecretary
Mrs. N. PatzerLibrarian
Mme. B. BriandFrench
Mme. H. FlanneryFrench/planning time
Ms. R. CaiettaKindergarten
Mrs. V. HollingsworthKindergarten
Mrs. V. MoreauKindergarten
Ms. L.
Ms. L. KelsoDECE
Ms. T. SeatonDECE
Mrs. M. BishopKindergarten
Mr. R. Randrianasolo1
​​Mrs. K. Taylor​1​
Mrs. K. Battaglia1/2
Mrs. S. Mantzel2
Mrs. Z. Fox2
Ms. K. Kernen3
Mrs. J. Kirolos3
Mrs. C. DavenportSocial Skills
Ms. A. Fountain
Mr. M. McKay4/5
​Mr. D. McDonald​5/
Ms. K. Copfer6
Mrs. S. Forsythe7
Mrs. K. Tompkins

​Ms. S. McGuire​
Mrs. M. Meyer

Mrs. S. Stockall


Mr. J. Lee  
Mrs. S. JonesEducation Assistant
Ms. M. NortonEducation Assistant
Mrs. S. SmithEducation Assistant
Mrs. E. SummersEducation Assistant
Ms. E. KeilbiskiCYW
Mr. StrilchukChief Custodian
Mr. BethellCustodian

 Mr. McConville                                 Custodian